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Celebrate the Holidays at Merricks


‘Tis a week before Christmas and all through our house, every creature is stirring, including our mouse.

Our staff is all bustling with ribbons of red, and ideas for great gifts taking shape in their heads.

cashmeresweater.jpgThere are sweaters of cashmere and gloves lined with wool, and dresses that shimmer with sequins and tulle. Nicole Miller

There are cozy fleece cardies for grandmas and moms, and for babies wee caps with colored pompoms. babyhat.gif

For teachers and aunties there are lovely note cards, with tulips and seashells and botanical visage.

For Sis, who is chic, there are narrow leg jeans, and handbags from Paris and numerous things.Sequioa_Paris

And even for Dad who is last but not least, there are stuffers for stockings and things made of fleece. baseballpinball.jpg

There are games that will challenge his thinking and skill, and tabletop pinball to give him a thrill.

rigaud-candle.thumbnail.jpg There are chocolates and candles and sea glass and things, and a board game for ladies with a naughty girl’s theme.

So head to our house where it’s cozy and bright, we’re open from 10 until 6 every night.

Except Thursdays of course when we’re open ’til 9, for late shoppers who still have great gifts they must find.

On Sundays we’re here from noon until 5, in case that’s the day you choose to arrive. doll.jpg

But whether it’s morning, or noon time, or night, we’re here to assist you with gifts that are right

For those whom you love and hold close to your heart,

It’s at Merrick’s your holiday shopping should start.

Happy Holidays from all of us at Merrick’s!


Merrick’s Goes “Wild” in Support of McCarter Theater’s Swingin’ 60’s Gala

Merrick’s GuitarWhen long-time customer, “Merrick’s Woman”, and well known Princetonian Peggy Hughes asked Merrick’s to decorate a guitar in a 1960’s theme to help raise money at McCarter Theater’s Gala Benefit and silent auction, we’re betting our bell bottoms that she was expecting a gentle flower child sort of design. After all, we are a “ladies’ apparel store” are we not?

Well yes, we are, but we’re also the generation of ladies that burned our “you know what’s” and demanded equality for women in the workplace and in the home. So true to our nature, we boldly emblazoned our guitar with the lyrics from Steppenwolf’s iconoclastic hit tune “Born to be Wild”.

The theme of the song reflects the importance of individuality and self expression (a Merrick’s fashion mantra), as well as the desire to grab life with two hands and live it to its fullest.

“Yeah Darlin’ go and make it happen
Take the world in a love embrace”

Merrick’s applauds women of every age who reflect this passion in their daily lives as mothers, wives, sisters and friends.

Nesrin AvciMerrick’s own Nesrin Avci designed and decorated the guitar for the McCarter Theater benefit gala. Nesrin is a multi-talented artist, designer, costume designer and clothing maker who we are truly blessed to have on staff as one of our seamstresses.

“Born to be Wild” will be one of fifty guitars decorated by area artists that will be used as centerpieces during the dinner and then sold by silent auction at the dessert reception at McCarter on Saturday May 4th. All proceeds will benefit McCarter’s artistic and educational programs.

p.s. – Attending the Gala and wondering what to wear? We’ve got a wonderful assortment of colorful skirts, tanks, tops and blouses that will have you flashing back to the 60’s in no time at all!


Yansi Fugel Trunk Show
You’re going to love Yansi’s latest fashion-forward comfort wear! Luxurious, washable, packable, wearable pieces that you can mix and match to take you right through to fall!

So mark your calendars now for Friday, Saturday & Sunday – April 20, 21 & 22nd. This is an event you won’t want to miss.

For a sneak preview of the Collection (in sizes 0-16), click here!


Yansi Fugel Trunk Show
You’re going to love Yansi’s latest fashion-forward comfort wear! Luxurious, washable, packable, wearable pieces that you can mix and match to take you right through to fall!

So mark your calendars now for Friday, Saturday & Sunday – April 20, 21 & 22nd. This is an event you won’t want to miss.

For a sneak preview of the Collection (in sizes 0-16), click here!

Swimsuits by Lisa Curran

Classic TankShirred V-Neck

If you’re like me, few things are as miserable to contemplate as bathing suit shopping. It’s not just the agony of trying the darn thing on when your skin hasn’t seen sunlight in 8 months. Nor is it simply the cold, harsh realization that those extra pounds you swore were coming off after the holidays are still happily sitting around (in all the wrong places). It’s the darn swimsuits themselves!

Based on the suits I’ve tried on recently I’m of the firm belief that there’s a conspiracy in the Fashion World against women over a certain age or beyond a certain shape. Designers seem to be telling us in so many words that we just shouldn’t be wearing swimsuits anymore (maybe that’s why European women threw in the proverbial beach towel long ago, and go “au natural” rather than wear an unflattering cut).

But seriously, it’s not that hard to create a great swimsuit is it? If I were making a swimsuit, I’d know all the right ingredients: comfortable shoulder straps, a built-in bra (or shelf) that holds and shapes the bosom, a leg that’s cut just a teeny bit high in the front (to lengthen the leg and slim the thigh) but low in the back to cover the entire bottom. And of course, some design magic to trim a few inches from the tummy and waist.

Happily, I’m not the only one who gets it. Designer Lisa Curran makes what I consider to be a line of unbelievably smart swimwear. A frustrated customer herself before starting her swimwear company, Curran states her design philosophy with confidence: “I know the best way to flatter a woman in a swimsuit, and that will always be my approach”.

We ordered three styles – the Classic Tank, the Shirred V Neck (both pictured above) and the Tankini – and nearly sold out in three days. Now look past the models (these gals can wear anything and look great) and trust me on this. These swimsuits are as great in a size 16 as a size 6! Don’t believe me? Come in and try one on. But hurry before they’re gone and everyone (but you) is off to the beach!

Handbags by Anna Prando

Handbags by Anna Prando

While I was in Los Angeles last month, I saw these little handbags in a wearable art gallery in Santa Monica. It turns out that my friend and mentor, Edie Locke, knew the designer – Anna Prando. Edie drove me out to meet Anna in person at her home/studio – which is an amazing story in itself. But more about that later – first, let me tell you about the bags.

#1 They are gorgeous! Anna is Italian by birth and before launching her design business she traveled the world, first as an assistant to and then along side of some of the top fashion photographers on the planet. Her fascination with color, shape and texture is apparent, as is her interest in things eastern and middle eastern. Anna uses silk, suede, beaded silk, and leather to concoct her handbags in colors like aquamarine, lilla, dark orchid, and deep gold violet. They are truly like little gems.

#2 They are practical! As beautiful as these bags are, they could only have been designed by someone who has actually carried a handbag. The concept behind them is simple – you don’t have to hold them and they won’t fall off your shoulder or slide off your arm. WOW! It’s revolutionary! When was the last time you found yourself in this situation…


You’re all dressed up for a special occasion. Maybe it’s a cocktail party, or a wedding. You’re wearing a beautiful dress and carrying a pretty little matching evening bag. You stand around all evening clutching your bag with one hand, while trying to do everything else with the other. Akward? Yes. It gets worse. There’s dancing. Do you dance with your little clutch clutched behind the back of your dance partner (or wave it around in the air while you boggie)? Do you leave it at the table and murmer to a friend (or a stranger) “would you mind watching my bag”. Or do you leave it in the car and dash outside when you need to use your compact or cell phone?

With Anna’s Forget Me Not bags, those evenings are over. These little bags slide right onto your wrist and stay there. There is even a daytime version (in supple calf leather) that hugs your shoulder and won’t slip off.

Pop in to Merrick’s and check them out. They’re irresistible.

A Toast to Punxatawni Phil

Ok, I’m a fan of winter and the beauty of snow, etc. etc. etc., but as I left for Pilates today it was 7 degrees Farenheit here in Princeton. I don’t care who you are, that’s nasty! As I bundled up, cursed silently and rounded a corner I got a blast of Arctic air so shocking that it sent me into a mental flash-back to…Ground Hog Day.

Toasting Groundhog
I’m well into middle age, and for the life of me, I can’t remember a single year that Punxatawney Phil hasn’t seen his shadow…but he didn’t this year and that means we’re going to have an early spring! It makes me want to take the little fella to dinner!

Seriously, I’m so on to Spring that I can’t wait to get our RUMMAGE SALE going next week. Sure, we’ll be selling cashmere sweaters at discounts that make me sweat, but you know what? It’s time for SPRING! Already colorful tops, skirts and dresses are nudging the woolens aside and starting to suggest warm summer afternoons, outdoor dining, lawn parties and the like.

I’m psyched about this year’s Spring Buy too. Ok, I’m not thrilled with the continued and inexplicable popularity of the “Baby Doll” or “Expecting Mother” look. My store manager and I were at the L.A. Market earlier in the month and honestly you really couldn’t tell who was pregnant and who wasn’t!

I’ll tell you what else I’m happy about – COLOR and PATTERN! Last year we were glutted with neutrals -khakis, sand, oatmeal, tan, and so on. Polka dots
I don’t know about you, but there’s nothing like a bold stripe or a pretty polka dot to make me think SPRING!

Here’s what’s cute and new and in the store now – from one of my favorite and most whimsical designers.

Sarah Campbell.