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Special Occasion Dressing

specialoccasion_marian1We are entering the time of year when plans for engagement parties, weddings, Bar Mitzvahs, and other celebrations start filling our calendars.

Merrick’s has been Princeton’s most exclusive destination for special occasion dressing for over two decades. And by “exclusive” I don’t mean over-the-top expensive! Continue reading


Nina McLemore Trunk Show – Our best ever!

nina3.jpg Thanks once again to all of our wonderful customers who made our Nina McLemore Trunk Show such as success! For those of you who missed it, don’t despair, we have several of Nina’s lovely jacket styles in stock for Spring. Stop by and take a look!

How to shop for your daughter’s or son’s wedding without losing your mind

No shopping experience seems to create more stress than shopping for the gown you’ll wear to your daughter’s or son’s wedding. Regardless of how laid back you or the bride-to-be might be, everyone wants everything surrounding this wonderful event to be just right – and that includes you! mob2.jpg

No one knows this better than the ladies here at Merrick’s. We’ve not only been M.O.B’s and M.O.G’s ourselves, we’ve been dressing you all for more than 23 years! There’s little we haven’t done – whether a formal ceremony in a candle-lit castle, a Hollywood wedding on the beach, or a fun-filled event in front of the monkey cages at the Bronx Zoo. But while wedding styles and venues come and go, what doesn’t change is how to put it all together and how to make sure that you look and feel your most relaxed and beautiful.

With that in mind, we’ve put together a few tips on how to approach the whole blessed event without ever losing your cool. Continue reading

Celebrate the Holidays at Merricks


‘Tis a week before Christmas and all through our house, every creature is stirring, including our mouse.

Our staff is all bustling with ribbons of red, and ideas for great gifts taking shape in their heads.

cashmeresweater.jpgThere are sweaters of cashmere and gloves lined with wool, and dresses that shimmer with sequins and tulle. Nicole Miller

There are cozy fleece cardies for grandmas and moms, and for babies wee caps with colored pompoms. babyhat.gif

For teachers and aunties there are lovely note cards, with tulips and seashells and botanical visage.

For Sis, who is chic, there are narrow leg jeans, and handbags from Paris and numerous things.Sequioa_Paris

And even for Dad who is last but not least, there are stuffers for stockings and things made of fleece. baseballpinball.jpg

There are games that will challenge his thinking and skill, and tabletop pinball to give him a thrill.

rigaud-candle.thumbnail.jpg There are chocolates and candles and sea glass and things, and a board game for ladies with a naughty girl’s theme.

So head to our house where it’s cozy and bright, we’re open from 10 until 6 every night.

Except Thursdays of course when we’re open ’til 9, for late shoppers who still have great gifts they must find.

On Sundays we’re here from noon until 5, in case that’s the day you choose to arrive. doll.jpg

But whether it’s morning, or noon time, or night, we’re here to assist you with gifts that are right

For those whom you love and hold close to your heart,

It’s at Merrick’s your holiday shopping should start.

Happy Holidays from all of us at Merrick’s!

Tummy Tuck Jeans

Tummy Tuck JeansOK ladies over forty, when’s the last time you put on a pair of jeans and felt comfortable and fashionable? When’s the last time you put on a pair of jeans and didn’t wish that your tummy was flatter or your deriere a little firmer? When’s the last time you put on a pair of jeans!

Well now you can! There’s a great line of jeans called Not Your Daughter’s – Tummy Tuck Jeans, that flatten your tummy, lift your butt and even allow you to wear one size smaller. Honest! I have them myself and it’s the first time I’ve felt great in jeans in at least twenty years. And if you’re worried about the rise, don’t be. These are not those super high-waisters that actually make your tummy look rounder…nor are they they kind that cut low, creating that awful “muffin top” on your hips. They’re perfect. Read about them in this article in The New York Times and then come on down to Merrick’s to try a pair on. Available in Blue, Midnight and Blue Denim Wash. Sizes 2 – 16.

Merrick’s Fall Fashion Weekend – Oct. 12-14!

Yansi Fugel Fall 2007 Trunk Show
Don’t miss this incredible Fall Fashion Weekend. In addition to our extensive Stock Show inventory of Yansi Fugel, we’re packed to the rafters with Fall pants, jackets, sweaters, dresses and more from:

  • Babette
  • Blanque
  • Cullen Cashmere
  • Elliot Lauren
  • Max Mara Weekend
  • Vanilia
  • Zelda and others.

Plus, see our Season Preview of EMMELLE  – Direct from Madison Avenue – with wool crepe suiting, outer wear, and four ply silk separates for “cocktail” dressing. To purchase and to order in sizes xs – xxl. 

For more information email us at