Forget Me Not Handbags by Anna Prando

Handbags by Anna Prando

While I was in Los Angeles last month, I saw these little handbags in a wearable art gallery in Santa Monica. It turns out that my friend and mentor, Edie Locke, knew the designer – Anna Prando. Edie drove me out to meet Anna in person at her home/studio – which is an amazing story in itself. But more about that later – first, let me tell you about the bags.

#1 They are gorgeous! Anna is Italian by birth and before launching her design business she traveled the world, first as an assistant to and then along side of some of the top fashion photographers on the planet. Her fascination with color, shape and texture is apparent, as is her interest in things eastern and middle eastern. Anna uses silk, suede, beaded silk, and leather to concoct her handbags in colors like aquamarine, lilla, dark orchid, and deep gold violet. They are truly like little gems.

#2 They are practical! As beautiful as these bags are, they could only have been designed by someone who has actually carried a handbag. The concept behind them is simple – you don’t have to hold them and they won’t fall off your shoulder or slide off your arm. WOW! It’s revolutionary! When was the last time you found yourself in this situation…


You’re all dressed up for a special occasion. Maybe it’s a cocktail party, or a wedding. You’re wearing a beautiful dress and carrying a pretty little matching evening bag. You stand around all evening clutching your bag with one hand, while trying to do everything else with the other. Akward? Yes. It gets worse. There’s dancing. Do you dance with your little clutch clutched behind the back of your dance partner (or wave it around in the air while you boggie)? Do you leave it at the table and murmer to a friend (or a stranger) “would you mind watching my bag”. Or do you leave it in the car and dash outside when you need to use your compact or cell phone?

With Anna’s Forget Me Not bags, those evenings are over. These little bags slide right onto your wrist and stay there. There is even a daytime version (in supple calf leather) that hugs your shoulder and won’t slip off.

Pop in to Merrick’s and check them out. They’re irrestible.