A spiritual journey of fashion and fun in Los Angeles

 Whew, just back in from a week in Los Angeles, the occasion being the birthday party of dearest friend and substitute “Papa” Ralph Locke (husband of my mentor and dear friend, former Mademoiselle editor-in-chief, Edie Locke). The party was hosted by Ralph & Edie’s daughter Katie and her husband Oren Aviv. Katie is a marvelous hostess and the party was magical – at once glamorous yet low key… delicious organic foods, lantern-lit pergolas, great conversation.   Ralph was toasted and roasted by family and friends, with one of the highlights a fabulous, larger-than-life poster that Oren had some of the folks at Disney make of Ralph as “Pirate of the Caribbean” – a reference to Ralph’s long career operating Ralph Locke Islands, which books exclusive, often private island vacations in the Caribbean.

I love visits with Edie, because her fashion sense and intuition for what’s hot and what’s not is always impeccable. This time, as usual, Edie had something new up her sleeve for me to see – and buy for our little shop in Princeton. After our appointments at several chic salons in L.A.’s fashion district, Edie and her friends Ali McGraw and Barbara Brown took me on a tour of L.A.’s more spiritual locales – including an eastern temple. “Indian is in”, she commanded. And she was right! I picked up a shopping bag full of intricately embroidered women’s tunic-length caftans, an arm load of gossamer scarves, and a bundle of amber-colored bangles. I flew back to Princeton with them yesterday, and they’ve flown off the racks! While summer’s Dog Days are still with us (as well as a few beautiful scarves and tops) stop in and take a look. If nothing else, it will transport you back to a serene time and place. Namaste, Edie & Ralph. Can’t wait to visit again soon! Barbara


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