Winding River Reversible Jackets

Transitional seasons (Fall and Spring) are always the most difficult to dress for…it’s too late for your summer things, but not quite time for your woolens. Plus, in these days of global warming and over/under heated and air-conditioned workplaces, great-looking, comfortable fashion can be a real challenge. That’s why, when we took a look at these plush, cotton jackets from Winding River we knew we’d hit on a great concept!

Winding River’s Fall 2008 Collection includes a multitude of tapestry-like cotton chenille jackets in a variety of lengths and body styles.

What’s really cool is that they are fully reversible (including the buttons), with a dressy side and a more casual side, which means if you’re traveling, your Winding River jacket will play double-duty! Sizes run from extra-small to plus sizes and the colors we chose revolve around rich browns and rusts, sage greens, deep plums and the ever-necessary black-and-white. Winding River is a family owned business and their products are made right here in the U.S.A.!


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