Spring Fashion Forecast


Trend or fad? In or out? If you’re starting to think about your Spring wardrobe and wondering what those “in the know” already know about this Spring’s fashion lineup, check out our own Spring ’08 Fashion Forecast. It comes right from our dear friend Edie Locke, former editor-in-chief of Mademoiselle magazine and one of Los Angeles’ most knowledgeable fashion resources.

Think “SPRING FORWARD”…. as we set our clocks ahead one hour! The days get longer, lighter, brighter….and so will your wardrobe….shedding winter layers…longing to slip into something NEW.

Here’s what’s new: YOU…a new YOU…less uptight, sober….still impeccable but more playful, happy… still refined and very feminine…. sensuous rather than sexpot sexy…so ready for truly lovely clothes… flattering clothes , totally comfortable…and so COLORFUL!

terijonpastels.jpgCOLOR: VIBRANT HUES…. a rainbow from the palest pastels of lilac and celedon greens to scarlet red, egg yellow, hot pink, orange, deep-sky-blue . NEUTRALS…NEUTRALITY means all the beiges.. and the perennial BLACK & WHITE.

PRINTS, PRINTS and more PRINTS: a flower explosions (think English gardens at their best) …small florals or oversized splashy… abstract bold graphics… psychedelic fantasies…art-inspired and scenic prints….geometrics. In other words “ if it’s fit to print”…it’s perfect this spring. terijonfloral.jpg

It’s the season of the DRESS…one-stop dressing. Dynamite shirt dresses, to be worn “glammed up” or played down… but always belted (start working on that waistline!) whether it’s a skinny metallic one or a wide cincher, whether it’s a simple classic shirt dress or one embellished with ruffles at the neckline or flounced at the hem. There’s bound to be one for every shape, every size, every occasion. And there’s the SHIFT, eternally chic, eternally comfortable in electric brights or neutrals, day or night… best length: just above the knee. terijoncocktail.jpgAnd the dress goes out for COCKTAILS … short, fluid-skirted. It can be one-shouldered, strapless, spaghetti strapped. And …happily…. you can kiss the baby-doll goodbye.

markheisterpants.jpg For those of us who love to live in PANTS the good news is….there are lots of options…from wide, flowey ones ( think pajamas) …to narrow…to super-skinny .. and in-between just great trousers….the perfect choice for the best pants-suits…smashing in all-white.


While military looks are in retreat….there is a strong wind blowing in from Africa….not just in jungle-y animal or ethnic-y prints, but in those always alluring SAFARI LOOKS strictly for the jungles of the city. Khaki or bone rules…in safari jackets, shirtdresses, vests…all with the ubiquitous details . Belted narrow blazers worn with trim trousers and crisp white shirts ( think Merryl Streep in “Out of Africa”….if you’re old enough to have seen that movie). And a propos white shirts….never be without a few of those….a forever fashion staple… looking especially chic paired for late-day with a black skirt. safari_tribal.jpg


It’s spring…so many fabrics are breezy, filmy, sheer…textured silk, gauze ,chiffon, organza, thin silky jerseys….and while there is some daring TRANSPARENCY…there are subtler ways : sheer sea-thru insets on bodices and skirts , sheer yokes, sheer full sleeves on a white shirt. Diaphanous organza or chiffon overlays, mystifying the color underneath… like a translucent coat overlaid over a simple shift.

terijonballgown.jpgWhat to wear for evenings out? Whether floaty chiffon or billowing taffeta…the short cocktail dress looks terrific . Short meaning from just above knee to calf-length, décolleté or not. And, for that special occasion, the full-blown ball gown!

The important EXTRAS that count : you can add a splash bright color with your handbag. Shoulder- bags return, hobos continue, clutches are IT, embellished and jeweled ones for late-day. sequoia-handbag.jpg

COSTUME JEWELRY is major…. a statement! Nothing shy here! What’s hot?

Chunky , colorful stones for multi-strand necklaces… abstract medallions dangling from heavy chains…bangles galore and bold cuffs in pairs on one or both wrists. lisakagenbracelets.jpg

Whether you chose to walk on spindly spikes or more solid towers….or in ballet flats

( my own preference) this is the moment to STEP LIVELY INTO SPRING.


Love, EDIE




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