Celebrate the Holidays at Merricks


‘Tis a week before Christmas and all through our house, every creature is stirring, including our mouse.

Our staff is all bustling with ribbons of red, and ideas for great gifts taking shape in their heads.

cashmeresweater.jpgThere are sweaters of cashmere and gloves lined with wool, and dresses that shimmer with sequins and tulle. Nicole Miller

There are cozy fleece cardies for grandmas and moms, and for babies wee caps with colored pompoms. babyhat.gif

For teachers and aunties there are lovely note cards, with tulips and seashells and botanical visage.

For Sis, who is chic, there are narrow leg jeans, and handbags from Paris and numerous things.Sequioa_Paris

And even for Dad who is last but not least, there are stuffers for stockings and things made of fleece. baseballpinball.jpg

There are games that will challenge his thinking and skill, and tabletop pinball to give him a thrill.

rigaud-candle.thumbnail.jpg There are chocolates and candles and sea glass and things, and a board game for ladies with a naughty girl’s theme.

So head to our house where it’s cozy and bright, we’re open from 10 until 6 every night.

Except Thursdays of course when we’re open ’til 9, for late shoppers who still have great gifts they must find.

On Sundays we’re here from noon until 5, in case that’s the day you choose to arrive. doll.jpg

But whether it’s morning, or noon time, or night, we’re here to assist you with gifts that are right

For those whom you love and hold close to your heart,

It’s at Merrick’s your holiday shopping should start.

Happy Holidays from all of us at Merrick’s!


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