Swimsuits by Lisa Curran

Classic TankShirred V-Neck

If you’re like me, few things are as miserable to contemplate as bathing suit shopping. It’s not just the agony of trying the darn thing on when your skin hasn’t seen sunlight in 8 months. Nor is it simply the cold, harsh realization that those extra pounds you swore were coming off after the holidays are still happily sitting around (in all the wrong places). It’s the darn swimsuits themselves!

Based on the suits I’ve tried on recently I’m of the firm belief that there’s a conspiracy in the Fashion World against women over a certain age or beyond a certain shape. Designers seem to be telling us in so many words that we just shouldn’t be wearing swimsuits anymore (maybe that’s why European women threw in the proverbial beach towel long ago, and go “au natural” rather than wear an unflattering cut).

But seriously, it’s not that hard to create a great swimsuit is it? If I were making a swimsuit, I’d know all the right ingredients: comfortable shoulder straps, a built-in bra (or shelf) that holds and shapes the bosom, a leg that’s cut just a teeny bit high in the front (to lengthen the leg and slim the thigh) but low in the back to cover the entire bottom. And of course, some design magic to trim a few inches from the tummy and waist.

Happily, I’m not the only one who gets it. Designer Lisa Curran makes what I consider to be a line of unbelievably smart swimwear. A frustrated customer herself before starting her swimwear company, Curran states her design philosophy with confidence: “I know the best way to flatter a woman in a swimsuit, and that will always be my approach”.

We ordered three styles – the Classic Tank, the Shirred V Neck (both pictured above) and the Tankini – and nearly sold out in three days. Now look past the models (these gals can wear anything and look great) and trust me on this. These swimsuits are as great in a size 16 as a size 6! Don’t believe me? Come in and try one on. But hurry before they’re gone and everyone (but you) is off to the beach!


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