Spring 07 Fashion Forecast by Edie Locke

According to Wikipedia, a mentor is a “trusted friend, counselor, or teacher”. And anyone who has been lucky enough to experience a mentor knows that there’s nothing as enriching as that relationship.

I met my mentor when I was fresh out of New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) and looking to start my career. An old family friend, Ralph Locke, had just married a stylish young woman named Edie who was fashion editor at Mademoiselle magazine (She would later become Editor in Chief, a post she held for a decade). Mademoiselle Nov 1978 CoverMademoiselle was in its heyday back then — one of the crown jewels of the Conde Nast Corporation, and Edie was close with everyone who was anyone in the fashion industry. I was thrilled at the opportunity to meet her and beyond ecstatic when she hired me. I don’t think it would have been possible to learn more about fashion from anyone than from Edie Locke.

But Edie has been much more than a teacher to me over the years. When it came time for me to open Merrick’s, it was Edie who introduced me to the right manufacturers and who helped me decide which lines to carry. She also taught me how to be tough in a tough business, but still maintain my graciousness.

I’ve operated Merrick’s for 22 years now, but Edie remains my fashion mentor as well as the very best of friends. She continues to attend all of the runway shows, sits on the boards of several fashion organizations in Los Angeles and still knows everybody who is anybody in the industry. When a new buying season comes around it’s Edie who I turn to. She tells me what’s coming and what’s going, when a style is a trend or a flash in the pan, and where to find what’s truly unique. She’s as hip as any 20-year-old and as classic as they come. I asked Edie if she would send me her thoughts for Spring ’07 and as always, she came through – and then some!

Fashion Forecast – Spring 2007

Spring 2007 is here ….blowing in like a fresh new breeze.

A good time to SPRING for a dress or two or three!

The choices have never been more enticing.

Choose a tailored body-friendly shift….a figure-defining curvy sheath…..a tailored shirtdress or one with a flared or pleated skirt…. an efficient day-dress full of pockets!

And SPRING for a great belt ….. a superbelt to cinch the waist…..or one to ride on the hipbones.

SPRING for something short….. a MINI if you are the right age….. or turn it into a TUNIC over skinny pants. ….or even just-above-the-knee city-shorts.

SPRING for the new attitude of mixing sporty with dressy…the eclectic mix of hard-edged with soft…a poetic blouse with crisp slim pants or jeans…. a Tshirt with the glitziest trousers.

SPRING for an ANORAK, a PARKA…, the athletic variety gone dressy into the evening. ….the newsiest cover-up now….. in shiny nylon…in satin…in paper taffeta.

SPRING for a LWD …..little WHITE dress ….in addition to your LBD ! It’s the summer uniform that will keep you… and your dry-cleaner…. happy and totally IN!

Pick the shape of the LWD that suits you best: a 60’s mini-frock, a tank, a shift, a sheath, a floaty, full-skirted one.

SPRING for a new white shirt…. you can never have enough of those…shapely fitted or billowing. And think too of that white shirt growing into a dress!

SPRING for skinny pants, as narrow as leggings or tailored slim. And the opposite: wide , slouchy trousers, baggy & chic!

SPRING for a newly fitted pants-suit…. with a slim blazer-ish jacket and slim trousers. Add a sexy vest.

SPRING for romantic evenings….ankle-grazing gowns or short ballerinas…..ultra-feminine chiffons….and old-fashioned eyeleted voiles.

SPRING for something metallic SILVER….or gold and bronze, Go all the way with a silvery shirt, a silver bomber jacket…. silver lace dress. Clutch or tote a SILVER or GOLD leather bag… cinch your waist in metals…..walk on metallic ballet flats.

SPRING for pure white….for the perfect combo of black and white or

SPRING for VIBRANT hues….purple, cobalt blue, taxi yellow, orange-red.

SPRING for a flower print….everything’s coming up ROSES… or for op-art graphics.

SPRING for a squashy over-sized bag to tote by day or CLUTCH a sleek one at night.

SPRING for clunky metallic bangles, a stack of those ….or a wide super-cuff.

SPRING into SPRING ready to experiment ….give the NEW a try…..find out what works for you and then GO FOR IT ALL THE WAY.

–Edie Locke, former Editor in Chief, Mademoiselle magazine – Merrick’s Mentor – and all-around Top Dawg



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